IP Audits

Intellectual Property Audits are undertaken so that businesses may understand and be able to value the Intellectual Property that they own or use, which may not be the same thing.

Businesses may simply be unaware of the intellectual assets that they already own, or have a new product or service that they wish to protect as best they can to prevent duplication by their competitors.

IP Audits are flexible tools which can be used by many businesses, from start-ups to established companies, to get an in-depth guide to how their intellectual property works; how it may be best and cost-effectively protected to maximise value; and what additional assets it may represent for the business to include in balance-sheets, attract investment and so forth.

Funding is available through the UK Intellectual Property Office to aid in carrying out such IP Audits.  Funding applications are available through Scottish Enterprise for companies already or proposed to be established in Scotland.  Click here for contact details.

We have provided such audits to a wide variety of satisfied clients and if you are looking for a suitable professional we would be delighted to discuss whether we might be the right fit for your business.  Contact us if you would like to find out how we can help you.